The unusual behaviour of the birds seems to occur due to the peculiar weather conditions at Jatinga.There also appears to be a correlation between the breeding period of the birds and the Jatinga phenomenon. Studies also reveal that the flight of water birds to Jatinga may be attributed to heavy rains and floods and submergence of their natural habitat in the surrounding areas. It has been observed that there was a high congregation of birds at Jatinga during 1988 which happened to be a year of high floods.

     This strange phenomenon is attributed to the electro-magnetic characteristics of the Jatinga ridge. The ridge is bounded nearly on all sides by fault planes. This combined with the mineral content of the valley with its high magnetic properties could be responsible for certain geo-physical changes in the atmosphere here. These are enhanced during the monsoon months of September and October when the ground water comes up almost to the ridge top of Jatinga. All these are believed to cause certain unusual changes in the gravitational pull around the region. It is possible that these affect the nervous system of the birds making them completely disoriented and confused when they happen to fly over the Jatinga ridge.

A beautiful waterfall in the district

     However, no single hypothesis comprehensively explains the Jatinga mystery. The renowned orinthologist, Dr.Salim Ali, notes that "the most puzzling thing to me about this phenomenon is that so many species of diurnal resident birds should be on the move when, by definition, they should be fast asleep. The problem deserves a deeper scientific study from various angles".

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