Beyond the trail of the golden triangle traversed by tourists in great numbers, far off in the north-east India lies a virgin Shangri-La that offers the traveller a far more fulfilling experience. This is the North Cachar Hills District, a dreamland of undulating hills and valleys, gently flowing streams and waterfalls, where the very breeze that wafts across the paddy fields and the bamboo forests is redolent with the fragrance of the land in which man and animal live in perfect harmony with nature.

A train about to enter one of the numerous tunnels

     Whether you travel by road or take the quaint train over the century-old track, the scenes that unfold in an unending procession seem like picture-postcards, crafted by gifted hands that come into view through the rolling mist and clouds that float around blend so beautifully with the emerald-green landscape that the visitor begins to wonder how this paradise survived so long against the march of progress.

River rafting on the river Diyung
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     Waiting to be discovered are a hundred other wonders that seem one with the legends and folklore of the land and its people. A fascinating mosaic of ethnic,cultural and tribal mix, the people of NC Hills embody in their lives all the values derived from centuries of shared living on the lap of nature. Equally enticing is the flora and fauna of the land, which has the famed Jatinga village where, drawn by some mysterious alchemy of earth and sky, disoriented birds birds come in thousands in the cloudy months of September and October to a flaming tryst with danger.
         Savouring the customs and traditions of the people, their colourful festivals and bazaars and their hospitality complete with the local brew makes a visit to NC Hills doubly rewarding. The salubrious climate round the year, the leisurely pace of life and the bounties of nature all combine to beckon the tourists with the promise of an experience they would love to treasure.

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